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Did you know that content marketing has a proven 7.8x more traffic than other forms of marketing? And that over 70% of marketers planned to create more content than what they did in 2016? I am sure at this point you’re realising that your content marketing efforts should be fretted...

As a digital agency owner, we are sure that you often find yourself in a quandary. To outsource or not to outsource, right?

The astronomical online growth in Africa can’t be ignored. For all those interested in marketing in Africa, you need to know what’s happening on the continent.

Instagram has a user base of 800 million people who are super active and highly engaged.

This is both good and not so great for you and your brand.

The last thing that you probably want to do is read another article on GDPR, right?

A lot has already been written on the topic but all articles on this GDPR thing are pretty long, technical, boring and they’re probably written by lawyers!