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Dane van Zyl   |   17 Jul 2020   |   Lead Generation

HubSpot and WordPress: 3 Easy ways to boost your lead generation

WordPress is the world's most popular CMS with over 27,000,000 live websites globally with roughly 47,000 of those right here in South Africa. That equates to 46% of South Africa websites!

Nathan Van Zyl   |   07 Jan 2020

How we used pop-up forms to boost our conversion rate by 12.35%

In June 2019, we launched our new awareness stage inbound marketing campaign, a series of blogs...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   13 Aug 2019

5 Ways to increase conversions with your content

Content marketing has the ability to educate your audience, build awareness and engagement,...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   06 Aug 2019

5 Ways to reduce customer churn and drive sales

Customer churn is an important metric for businesses looking to increase their lifetime customer...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   17 Jan 2019

5 Quick wins to rock your lead generation

Your company needs to grow and to grow you need new customers.

To get new customers you need...