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Emma-Jane Shaw   |   14 Aug 2020   |   HubSpot

3 Ways automated lead distribution will help boost your sales

In 2011 Harvard Business Review published a study that indicated if companies did not respond to leads within a five-minute window they were at a high risk of losing that lead entirely. 

Since then, this has been (or at least should have been) the benchmark for sales teams to aim for. 


In 2018, Drift released their Lead Response report which indicated only 10% of the surveyed companies were achieving a lead response time of five minutes or less. 

58% of respondents did not respond at all 😳. 

So the question then is...why are businesses not achieving this benchmark and risking the loss of business along with it? 

Sales teams deal with a lot of administrative tasks, that are largely manual which severely impact lead response times. In fact, one study suggests that sales teams spend less than 36% of their time actually selling.  

Making sure your sales team isn't duplicating efforts by reaching out to the same leads while completely ignoring others is a good example of the admin associated with sales.

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As your company scales it’s impossible to expect that your sales team can manually complete tasks and still keep up with the growing sales KPIs. 

Effectively managing your leads within your sales team is one of the best ways to ensure long-term sustainable growth for your business. 

Enter automated lead distribution. 

This simple feature allows you to rotate incoming leads equally amongst your sales team, removing the need to do it manually and making it easier for each salesperson to identify and engage with their respective leads.

In this blog, I’m going to show you how to build automated lead rotation workflows within HubSpot as well as outline the benefits of this feature for your business. 

Let’s get started: 


How to build automated lead rotation workflows in HubSpot

In your marketing dashboard, scroll over to “workflows”. Then select “Create workflow” 

automated lead distribution

Once you’re inside there are several options to choose from, we’re going to select the “start from scratch” option. 

automated lead distribution

From there you’ll head into the workflow builder which is easy to use and understand. 

Go ahead and name your workflow and select the enrollment triggers. From there you will select an “action”, scroll down and select “Rotate contact to owner”. 

automated lead distribution

It will take you to the form below where you will be able to select a specific person or team the lead should be sent to. 

automated lead distribution

* Please note, this feature requires you to have a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise account to use.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to set up your internal notifications. This is used to ensure that no lead slips past your sales team. 

You can select the notification type that works best for your sales team.  

automated lead distribution


Deal and Task creation 

Depending on the enrollment criteria you’ve set for your workflow, and you’d likely have a few set up for the different types of conversion points you have on your website, you can also choose to set up a “deal” or “task” from the workflow. 

automated lead distribution

If for example, a lead is requesting a demo from you, you could set up an automatic task for that specific sales rep or contact owner which along with the instant notifications the task can be tracked right within the CRM, reducing the time it would take to create this action manually. 

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The benefits of automated lead distribution:

  • It saves time. 

The automated lead rotation functionality was introduced by HubSpot to help reduce the time spent on manually assigning leads. 

This feature also allows the fair distribution of leads between different members of your sales team. You can change the percentage of leads distributed at any time. 

  • It scales. 

Every business's goal is to grow and to do that effectively, you need to make sure you have scalable processes. 

Manual processes don’t scale, it leaves your business vulnerable and open to the risk of human error. 

Automating lead distribution among team members along with instant notifications means your teams should be able to reach that five-minute window more frequently. 

  • It increases sales. 

In keeping with the importance of growth and scaling your business, automated lead distribution can help increase the sales velocity of your sales team. 

Along with your automated lead distribution workflows, you’re also able to set up instant notifications that notify sales reps the moment a digital lead converts on your website. 

By closing the window on your lead response times you can increase the number of sales your team is able to make. 

In fact, conversion rates are 391% higher if sales teams reach out within the first minute of a leads conversion. 

If you’re looking to continue optimising your sales processes, take a look at this HubSpot lead scoring guide. It will help your business prioritise right-fit leads in no time. 


Key Takeaways 

The right automated systems for your business can elevate your sales team and grow your business in a way that’s sustainable and effective. 

Automated lead distribution will increase your sales efficiency, save your business time and ensure you achieve your growth goals. 

If you’re looking to find out more about HubSpot and how it can help your business grow, please click the button below👇to schedule a short chat with an Uku. We’d love to hear from you. 

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Emma-Jane Shaw

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