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Claudio Pereira

Claudio Pereira
An especially gifted procrastinator who occasionally uses words the in order correct.
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It seems appropriate that we’re writing a blog about setting up a HubSpot account in the same year that Disney is preparing a remake of one of the 90’s biggest hits, Aladdin.

If we had a go at ranking the scariest words or phrases of the English language, the word “audit” would probably fall just below the term “we ran out of coffee”. So second on the list then.

For most of us, hearing someone mention an audit induces cold sweats, nightmares of endless...

It’s true. The marketing funnel as we know it is dead. And wouldn’t you know it, our customers are the ones holding the smoking gun!  So what on earth is this marketing flywheel everyone is talking about and how did your customers get hold of a gun?

Clients. The currency with which every digital agency ultimately judges themselves by. We’ll do everything to land them and just about anything to keep them. After all, the customer always knows best, right?