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Claudio Pereira

Claudio Pereira
An especially gifted procrastinator who occasionally uses words the in order correct.
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It’s a Thursday afternoon, there’s coffee (hopefully) nearby and a blog deadline fast approaching.

Struggling to fill the gaps between your blog and that deadline, you turn to Google,

Ah yes, a CRM strategy, the recipe for success in 2020, right?

Full disclaimer for those of us who waste countless hours binge-watching aspiring YouTube chefs… this recipe doesn’t require any fancy bowls or extravagant ingredients.

The author of the novel 2001: a Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke once said that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic’.

To the procrastinators amongst us, the early 2000s provided just about all the distraction we could ask for. From peak Britney, cargo pants, flip phones, something called MySpace and eventually Facebook.

It seems appropriate that we’re writing a blog about setting up a HubSpot account in the same year that Disney is preparing a remake of one of the 90’s biggest hits, Aladdin.