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Emma-Jane Shaw   |   22 Mar 2022   |   Case Study

How Oticon Reduced Their Lead Acquisition Costs By 68% in 8 Months

Oticon, a global leader in hearing aid technology, based in Copenhagen, Denmark was one of the first to launch internet-connected hearing aids. Along with that, their patented BrainHearing™...

lead acquisition costs
Emma-Jane Shaw   |   23 Feb 2022

How Wonderdal Increased Their Conversion Rate From 0.34 To 32% in 12 Months

Wonderdal, is a world-class interactive edutainment centre for children between the ages of 5 - 13...

Claudio Pereira   |   15 Feb 2022

How We Increased Hazendal Wine Estate's Organic Traffic By 237% in 1 Year

Steeped in South African heritage, Hazendal is one of South Africa’s oldest and most interesting...

Dane van Zyl   |   14 Jan 2022

How Top Carpets and Floors increased leads by 150% and reduced costs by 94% with Inbound Marketing and HubSpot

Top Carpets and Floors is one of South Africa’s leading flooring retailers. They have 130 members...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   09 Dec 2021

How Verlag Barbara Budrich Increased Their Organic Website Traffic by 236% in 12 Months

In 2004, Barbara opened her own academic publishing house; Verlag Barbara Budrich. A specialist...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   16 Jan 2019

Case Study: Using Hubspot To Pivot And Grow




Organic Traffic Growth Increase In Sales Qualified Leads  Sales Growth
Dane van Zyl   |   25 Oct 2017

HubSpot Partner Oxygen 2.0 Sees 5x Increase In Turnover

Oxygen 2.0, HubSpot's first agency partner in China, established themselves as one of the leading...