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Claudio Pereira   |   02 Sep 2020   |   HubSpot

HubSpot Sales starter Vs. Sales Pro. Here’s everything you need to know

Let’s start with a quiz, shall we? 

Those of us who have delivered, or attended a sales presentation will have heard a familiar stat that does the rounds, so here we go…

Does anyone know how much time sales teams spend every day on admin, non-sales related tasks?

61%. Yup, staggering.

For those of you who got the answer right, congratulations! Your prize awaits (click here) 😋

Seriously though, admin is a burden for any sales team. It’s no wonder that most people’s journey with sales tech begins with the desire to reduce their time spent on admin.

It’s little wonder then that so many businesses begin that journey with HubSpot.

Whether you’ve just started your own business, and are utilising HubSpot’s free CRM and sales tools, or whether you’re working for a multinational and enjoying all the features of an enterprise license, HubSpot sales tools go a long way to reduce all that time spent on admin.

Freeing up time to focus on what matters most, bringing in new business!

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or considering an upgrade, we’ve put together a nifty rundown of their two most popular sales packages.

I guess the easiest place to start is with…

HubSpot Sales Starter

Typically a good fit for small or growing teams on a budget, costing just $40 per team member per month. Sales starter is exactly that, a starting point for businesses looking to grow, and improve their sales enablement.

Here are some of the features you unlock with HubSpot Sales Starter:

  • Up to 1,000 email templates or canned email snippets you can customise and access through Gmail or Outlook
  • Unlimited tracking of email opens or clicks
  • Upgraded personal meeting scheduling links, with 1,000 meetings available per month (although anyone with that many meetings each month… I’m sorry)
  • Email sequencing that queues up a series of emails for your prospects, based on your lead nurturing criteria

HubSpot Sales starter features

HubSpot Sales Starter, as with all of HubSpot’s products, offers a scalable and effective way to complement the HubSpot CRM & Marketing hubs. When you consider the manageable monthly fee, it’s no wonder that so many businesses stick with the starter package for the long term.

Sales starter does lack some of the ‘smarter functions’ HubSpot offers however, with more automation and insight an appealing reason to upgrade to HubSpot Sales Professional.

So if you’re looking to upgrade to professional, here is what you need to know...

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HubSpot Sales Professional

This is where an investment in HubSpot can really pay off. A pro license unlocks a fine-tuned sales engine, with tools geared for full-scale sales teams looking to elevate their sales process and introduce some industry-leading efficiency into their daily activities. 

It’s worth noting, however, that the professional license is 10x the cost of the starter option, at $400 per month.

Luckily though, it also includes 10x the amount of features and abilities. Here are some of the key tools you unlock with a pro license:

  • Automation, and lots of it. From automated tasks, reminders and sales emails, to lead rotation, call rotation and sequencing.
  • The ability to create up to 25 separate sales teams, each with multiple deal pipelines
  • Unlimited templates
  • Product libraries
  • CRM customisation
  • Real-time activity tracking from emails
  • Detailed reporting algorithms that provide deep insights into your prospects
  • Data-fueled AI that suggests relevant, contextual contact engagements

HubSpot Sales starter

Aside from just the headline features I’ve included above, here is a glimpse at the features that matter most within a sales pro license:


Sales automation can speed up the sales cycle by as much as 6x. We could just leave it there as explanation enough, but HubSpot’s Sales Professional includes up to 300 unique workflows for you to set up.

HubSpot Sales starter workflows

Smart notifications based on engagement

HubSpot’s algorithm is able to prioritise prospects based on their business, engagement, user history and even chances of closing. 

Having your CRM alert you to who is most engaged with your website, emails or documents can make the world of difference when engaging with a prospect! 

Email recommendations

Editing an email through the sequences pane, from Gmail, Outlook or HubSpot means you’re accessing HubSpot’s ‘personalisation score’, and working towards creating tailored content for your prospect. 

The score provides automatic recommendations on things to include in your email in order to boost the engagement from your prospect, based on what they’re engaging with on your website, or their background. 

HubSpot Sales starter


Remember that stat right at the beginning of this post about how much time is spent doing admin? Well putting together quotes or proposals, one by one usually takes hours.

Thankfully, HubSpot’s quotes tool enables you to share customised quotes, on non-indexed URLs with each of your prospects. Being able to pull in a set quoting template, with listed products or services can save a lot of time!

Predictive Lead Scoring

Perhaps our favourite feature of both the Marketing & Sales hub’s within HubSpot.  Based on a lead’s engagement, alignment with your buyer persona, company and even email activity, HubSpot will assign a score to each lead evaluating how likely they are to close, during any given period.

So which HubSpot Sales tier should I use?

Evaluating all of the tools and features listed above can often feel like walking into a German motor manufacturers showroom, only to walk out wondering if all of the added luxuries will make you a better driver or not.

It’s only fair to wonder what real differences all those features will actually make in your sales process. 

The truth is... 

AHubSpot sales professional license is geared towards teams that are looking to expand beyond some of the organising and info-sharing tools on offer within the HubSpot sales tiers.

Using smart algorithms and sophisticated automation can often be the key to converting prospects into buyers and capitalising on the insights a pro license provides. 

The HubSpot Sales Starter tier is popular for very good reason. It provides a platform and features that are flexible enough to accommodate teams big or small.

If you’re considering a HubSpot Sales Starter or a Professional Sales license, the size of your team, maturity of your sales process, and importantly your goals for the year, should determine which tier is the best for you.

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