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Emma-Jane Shaw   |   22 Jul 2020

9 Content marketing KPIs you should be tracking

Key performance indicators. 

They help keep teams accountable to certain deliverables and growth...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   11 Jun 2020

Organic vs paid search. Here’s why you need both

This is a debate that’s been had at the roundtable of marketing for years now. 

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   25 Mar 2020

How to write a blog. Your 10-step guide [Content calendar included]

Blogging. It’s hard to maintain a constant flow of production. Not to mention that it can seem...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   05 Sep 2019

3 Ways to understand your content performance with Google Analytics

In a densely populated digital environment, it’s not enough to just write and publish content of...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   13 Aug 2019

5 Ways to increase conversions with your content

Content marketing has the ability to educate your audience, build awareness and engagement,...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   17 Jul 2019

8 Strategies to improve your landing page conversion rate (with examples)

Landing pages are an essential part of every website and are key to generating leads and...

Emma-Jane Shaw   |   25 Jun 2019

Here’s why you need a content distribution strategy

We’ve heard that content is king and distribution is queen.

These analogies are used so widely,...

Kirsti Rivett   |   05 Jun 2019

How to write emails that convert! Free template included.

You have some tight email marketing goals to meet. But perhaps what you’re currently sending out...