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Nathan Van Zyl   |   16 Jan 2019   |   Case Study

Case Study: Using Hubspot To Pivot And Grow




Organic Traffic Growth Increase In Sales Qualified Leads   Sales Growth

In 2017, BlindCraft, a home decor distribution company, found itself stagnant and without a discernible competitive advantage in a market that was facing increasing competition and price sensitivity.

Although the South African market is relatively new to online retail, it is a space that is growing rapidly and which offers opportunities to deliver unique customer experiences. With that in mind, BlindCraft approach Uku to build an online store that would help them do exactly that: deliver a unique customer experience and create helpful and informative DIY and home decor content.

The new BlindCraft website launched in January 2018 with South Africa’s first blinds builder: a custom visualiser that helps customers design and customise their products to suit their specific needs. The site launch was accompanied by a content strategy to develop keywords and increase organic traffic and overall visibility.

Various CTAs and subscription forms were developed to increase lead conversion on the BlindCraft website which was integrated into Hubspot CRM and Hubspot Sales Pro. This allowed us to build out custom email templates that were then used to interact with and nurture potential customers.

The approach was steady and consistent which delivered tangible results for BlindCraft.

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