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Nathan Van Zyl   |   24 Jun 2020   |   HubSpot

5 Ways HubSpot can help you build an efficient sales process

Everybody wants to be efficient. To get the best results for the least amount of effort.

It’s why we love 7-minute workouts and 2-minute noodles. It’s the reason we use Google Maps even when we travel familiar routes to make sure we don’t go the long way round or get stuck in traffic.

Efficiency helps us avoid waste, improves customer service, product quality, and cost savings.

In sales, efficiency is quite literally one of the key baseline metrics that every business should measure i.e the revenue generated by a sales team relative to its cost.

How you improve the efficiency of your sales process is the topic of nearly every sales book out there. Whether you subscribe to the Challenger Sale methodology or prefer the Inbound Sales method, one fact remains true for all sales teams:  the more time you spend “selling” the more sales you will make.

On average, sales teams only spend 23% of their workweek selling. 

That means that 77% of their time is taken up by admin like attending meetings and dealing with customer service.

It is impossible for sales teams to be engaged exclusively with finding and cultivating new and existing relationships but, assuming you have an effective sales process, enabling them to focus more on selling and less on admin is the fastest way of making your sales teams more efficient.

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One of the easiest ways to do that is by using HubSpot’s Sales tools to manage your sales pipeline and automate some of the tasks that eat up your sales team's time.

Here is a closer look at 5 ways that HubSpot can make your sales process more efficient:

1. Use sequences to automate your sales prospecting

Automated sequences to automate sales prospecting

Sequences are made up of a series of tasks and emails that you can use to automate your sales prospecting. Instead of manually sending an email and creating a task to follow up with a prospect, you can build out sequences that will do it for you.

This frees up time to focus on prospects who are actively engaging with your sales team.

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2. Prioritise which leads your sales reps should contact first

lead scoring to help build efficient sales process

In sales, timing is everything. Reaching out to the right lead at the right time can be the difference between winning and losing a deal. 

HubSpot uses lead scoring to assign a value to each action a prospect takes: 

  • Visit a pricing page adds 10 points, 
  • Unsubscribe from marketing communications loses 50 points. 
  • It also uses factors like company size, industry, and job title to assign each prospect a value.

The higher the value the more likely a prospect is to close.

The prospects in your CRM will be in different stages of their buyer’s journey, lead scoring allows you to prioritise leads that are ready to engage with your sales team. This ensures you don’t scare any prospects away who are still in the research phase of their journey.


3. Save time by automating tasks and notifications

automating tasks to help build an efficient sales process

The admin associated with managing new deals steals approximately 5 hours out of a salespersons week. 

It can be time-consuming to send email notifications to team members every time a demo is scheduled or to actively change the lifecycle stage of a prospect when a deal stage progresses. All of this can be automated using the HubSpot workflow tool, this is a real time-saver.

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4. Reduce the amount of time spent on research

contact data to enrich your sales process

Doing research on prospects before reaching out is an essential part of developing new relationships but it can be time-consuming. 

HubSpot automatically enhances CRM contact data with company information reducing the amount of time needed to do research.

This information is useful when qualifying leads or prioritising them for outreach.


5. Use email templates and snippets to speed up client admin

use email templates to help build an efficient sales process

Often customers require the same information or ask similar questions. Creating email templates allows you to create one email that can be used over and over again when needed. 

Snippets are short phrases like a company one-liner or an introduction that are commonly used by your sales team that can be predefined and used in emails to prospects.

These tools are simple but reduce the time it takes for salespeople to engage and interact with potential customers.


Key Takeaways

Building an efficient sales process can take time but the easiest way to improve it is by giving your salespeople more time to do what they were hired to do...SELL!

Using HubSpot CRM in conjunction with their sales tools allows you to automate administrative tasks, create email templates, build out snippets from commonly used phrases, and prioritise their efforts on the best leads to reach out to.

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