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Emma-Jane Shaw   |   04 May 2022   |   HubSpot

How Print On Demand Was Able To Streamline Their Sales and Marketing With HubSpot

South African-based company Print on Demand are digital printing experts. From producing large volumes of printed works to a single book, they certainly are innovators in the industry with their technology-driven, digitally-minded business approach.

They understood that to increase business margins, run lean and scale you need to leverage technology and eCommerce.

In light of that, they’ve spent the last few years building technology to help their clients gain access to new markets and distribution channels. In the process, they were able to eliminate stockholding, essentially migrating businesses to an on-demand model.

What Were The Top Challenges?

Print on Demand, an innovative, solutions-driven printing business, headed up by Tertius Van Eeden, Managing Director eagerly wanted to:

  • Consolidate customer data. Tertius wanted a better way to manage existing customer and new lead relationships.
  • Find a technology solution to help him streamline sales and marketing processes and activities.
  • Find new ways of generating new leads for the business.

What Was The Solution?

To help POD achieve their goals, we onboarded their sales and marketing teams onto HubSpot Pro and Sales Pro. We coupled this with custom training so that HubSpot and its suite of tools could be set up to match their internal workflows.

It looked a little like this:

To generate 50 new leads per month, we put developed a paid media strategy that would distribute seasonal promotions and content offers with the goal of improving the website’s conversion rate and helping reduce their overall lead acquisition costs.

It looked like this:

What Were The Results?

We averaged 150 new leads per month at a cost per contact of R17.78. Far surpassing the agreed 50 new leads per month.

With the custom landing pages that were created, we were able to achieve an overall page view to submission rate of 34%! Contributing to the website’s overall conversion rate of over 8%.

What Was The Impact?

The HubSpot CRM has been able to provide the sales and marketing teams with end-to-end data transparency which has resulted in smarter, more customer-centric engagement.

The lead generation campaigns proved incredibly successful and have helped the team generate great marketing momentum. This mechanism has also created a scalable and repeatable process for the business.

Uku Inbound has been supporting our business for the past 14 months in both the creation and implementation of new and tailored flows in Hubspot. We have worked with Claudio and Nathan and cannot speak highly enough of the team and their dedication. They are reliable, smart, available, extremely efficient and good communicators. We would recommend their services to any company that is looking to invest in Hubspot and seeking a highly productive driven team.
We are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with the team - Tertius Van Eeden, Managing Director

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Emma-Jane Shaw

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