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Estee Kershoff   |   10 Nov 2021   |   HubSpot

What does HubSpot Marketing Hub cost?

In a world saturated with ad slogans and product promises, it can be difficult to hit the proverbial nail on the head to not only get a potential customer's attention but keep it. Clever, directional marketing can help companies better connect with customers and, ultimately, make more sales. How can this be done? By making use of smart marketing software, of course. Hubspot Marketing Hub is one such tool.

Let's break it down to find out what it does and if it is worth the (financial) squeeze.

What is HubSpot Marketing Hub?

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Hubspot Marketing Hub is a concise package of clever marketing software that can help businesses grow website traffic, visibility and client engagement. Ultimately, converting more visitors into customers. It can also be used to run inbound marketing campaigns and to track campaign performance. (Read more about why the latter is important here.)

The powerful, easy-to-use platform, consolidates all your marketing assets, tools and data in one spot. This makes it easy to run effective, measurable campaigns that have a positive impact on ROI.

In studies conducted regarding the use and efficiency of marketing software, 54% of participants noted an improvement in campaigns. While 37% had increased sales - sales they attribute directly to the use of marketing software.

How does Hubspot Marketing Hub work?

Marketing Hub works by essentially helping you create the right content at the right time to reach the right customer. Following the inbound marketing methodology, the goal is to create useful content for customers at every stage of the buying process.

Hubspot explains: Use Marketing Hub to “attract visitors through blogging, social media, ads, and more. Convert visitors into customers with landing pages, email, marketing automation, ABM, and more. Track ROI with revenue attribution reporting. All powered by the customer data in your CRM to enable personalisation at scale.”

Think targeted ads, bespoke customer journeys and more.

Still deciding if HubSpot is right for your business? We can help :)

What are the advantages?

Apart from lead generation, an automated marketing process and analytics at your fingertips, Marketing Hub can be used to optimise SEO and create dynamic, rankable blog content.

On top of that, you can manage Facebook, LinkedIn and Google ads. As well as track which ads are converting leads into customers.

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These are all great, usable tools for running an effective marketing campaign. But, perhaps, the single greatest advantage of Hubspot Marketing Hub from a business point of view is how it can centralise and streamline your entire marketing department. It consolidates multiple marketing tools and data onto one effective platform so that both marketing and sales teams have access to a client’s entire buyer’s journey. This allows for targeted marketing, effective client communication and a seamless hand-off between departments.

The flip side of the coin would be purchasing and running individual tools. See how that would look here.

How much does Hubspot Marketing Hub cost?

Here’s the clincher, Hubspot Marketing Hub can cost you as little as $0 per month.

Designed to grow with businesses, the entry-level package has no monthly fee, whilst the three premium packages (Starter, Professional and Enterprise) range from $45 to $3 200 per month.

Whilst the entry-level package has some marketing and CRM tools and features to attract and connect with customers via inbound marketing strategies, the paid-for packages offer a host of other impressive services. These include: ad retargeting, custom reporting, designing and hosting SEO optimised blogs and predictive lead scoring.

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Let’s take a closer look at each package and what it has to offer:

  • Free Tools package, $0 per month

The free package is perfect for businesses who want to start generating and emailing new leads and measuring the success of such campaigns. There are, however, limits on these tools, such as a maximum of 2 000 marketing emails per month.

The package includes Hubspot-branded forms, as well as email marketing, ad management and live chat capabilities, and a reporting dashboard.

It does not offer any blog capabilities, SEO recommendations and optimisations or video hosting, to name a few key features that will be missing out on to create and run an exceptional marketing campaign.

  • Starter package, $45 per month

This package is geared towards small businesses with a grow with simple marketing tools and a CRM.

The package includes all of the free tools but with increased limits, as well as the removal of the HubSpot branding from forms, email marketing, landing pages and live chats. The package supports up to 1 000 marketing contacts, with additional contacts sold in batches of 1 000 for $45 per month.

It also includes 1:1 email and in-app chat support.

Both the Free and Starter packages have limits on functions, including landing pages, ad management, shared inboxes, list segmentation, mobile optimisation, follow-up email forms and messenger integration.

  • Professional package, $800 per month

The Professional package is geared towards marketing teams who want to run complete inbound marketing campaigns and accelerate their growth.

It includes all Starter features plus 2 000 marketing contacts (with additional contacts purchasable in bundles of 5 000 for $224.72 per month). Moreover, it allows for automation and personalised engagement across all channels, including omnichannel marketing automation, multi-language content, social media and video management, and lead scoring.

It has tools for efficient campaign management and optimising campaign conversion, as well as custom reporting features such as website traffic analytics. Moreover, it can be integrated with Salesforce.

  • Enterprise package, $3 200 per month.

The big kahuna, the Enterprise package includes all the Professional features, with 10 000 marketing contacts (additional contacts can be bought in bundles of 10 000 for $100 per month).

It offers superior tools and functions for managing teams and brands, including single sign-on and user roles.

It also offers multi-touch revenue attribution functions and predictive lead scoring. Enterprise is for sophisticated marketing teams looking to scale and leverage advanced reporting and machine learning to do so.

Check out a full comparison table of the packages.

Key Takeaways

It's clear that no matter the size of your business, smart marketing is not only a nice-to-have but an essential. Without it, how would customers even know you or your product exists?

Luckily, Hubspot Marketing Hub's various packages make it possible for small and large businesses to get in the game. The Free and Starter options are ideal for small businesses, freelancers and solopreneurs. Whilst Pro is best suited to specialised marketing teams with 25-1000 employees and 5 or more marketers.

Marketing Hub Enterprise is ideal for large complex organizations, diverse audiences, and the need for in-depth reporting and customization. If you have a large database of 50 000 or more then Enterprise will make the most financial sense.

So there you go. That's everything you need to know about Hubspot Marketing Hub's cost and the benefits of investing in such a system. Which will you choose to kickstart your next campaign?

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Estee Kershoff

From the world of fashion to her new home in Inbound Marketing. Estee is a copywriting whiz and editor-in-chief here at Uku.