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Emma-Jane Shaw   |   02 Dec 2021   |   HubSpot

Emma’s Update #1: News from HubSpot, Instagram & TikTok

Well, hello there, and welcome to my, Emma’s inaugural update. I will be sharing what’s new, what’s hip and what’s happening in the world of inbound marketing, HubSpot and more right here every month.

So grab a cup, settle in and, as JR says, make the circle bigger - we’re always excited to welcome new additions to the Uku and HubSpot family. So chat, share and like as much as you’d love to.

What’s new on the HubSpot front?

HubSpot introduces Sandboxes

We’re super excited about HubSpot’s recent unveiling of Sandboxes.

A novel CRM functionality, Sandboxes offer HubSpot users a safe environment where they can build and test new workflows, integrations, website pages, etc without disruption.

HubSpot Sandboxes
Image source: HubSpot

As HubSpot explains: “Sandboxes is a safe environment that mimics your production account. Use it to set up sales pipelines without interrupting your team's day-to-day, test integrations to keep your data clean, and build out new modules or web assets before putting them in the hands of your marketers. ​​Never interrupt your team (or customers) again with an experiment gone awry.”

To find out if you can benefit from a HubSpot sandbox, read this.

The Sandbox functionality forms part of all CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub Enterprise packages, with each account having access to 1 Sandbox.

Learn more about it here.

HubSpot launches Deal Splits

With Deal Splits, you can now share credit for a deal between users if multiple salespeople were involved in closing a sale. There is a limit of 5 users per split and credit can be split evenly or by percentage.

HubSpot Deal Splits
Image source: HubSpot

Deal splits are available for Sales Hub Enterprise customers.

Learn more about it here.

HubSpot introduces new Hub features

HubSpot launched the following nifty features to their CMS Hub recently. These include:

  • Blog Listing Page Editing, which allows you to now edit a blog listing page just as you’d do a regular page in HubSpot, ie you can drag and drop modules, make a module smart and see analytics for the page. Learn more about this feature here.
Blog Listing Page Editing
Image source: HubSpot
  • Saved Sections now allows users to create and save oft used sections for easy re-use as they create more content pages. Learn more about this feature here.
Saved Sections
Image source: HubSpot
  • Improved SEO Alt Text Recommendations and 3 New SEO Recommendations to help you improve your website’s performance. Learn more about these new functionalities here and here.

Instagram drops the swipe-up feature

You might have noticed the Instagram announcement that the company would be getting rid of its ‘swipe up’ function ...

Source: GIPHY

The popular feature is being replaced by a ‘sticker’. Instagram explains that stickers will "streamline the stories creation experience" and offer more "creative control" as they would be customisable.

Kelsi Yamada, a Marketing Manager of Social Media Campaigns at HubSpot, has this advice for businesses regarding the new function: “The biggest piece of advice I have is to plan for the sticker to take up space. The swipe up feature allowed you to include a link without having it be a part of the creative, but [the link sticker] actually needs some real estate on the screen.”

Instagram Sticker
Image source: HubSpot

She adds: “I also think there's a character limit on the link sticker, so be prepared to make custom vanity links, or make it very clear where the link is going — for instance, for a product announcement, we were going to use bit.ly, but since it showed up on the sticker as a bit.ly link, we decided to just use hubspot.com/new so it seemed more authentic.”

Read more about how to prepare and navigate this new feature here.

TikTok is set to go even bigger in 2022 - here’s how to leverage it to your advantage

With more than 1 billion current users, the video-based app TikTok is set to grow even bigger in 2022.

HubSpot's social-media team forecasts that it has serious growth and engagement potential for brands in the next annum. How can it not with stats showing it has the highest social media engagement rates per post with the average user spending a mind-blowing 850 minutes per month on the app.

Image source: Youtube

Young, fun, quirky and creative, the platform’s looping videos with special effects and musical overlays is a major drawcard for Gen Z. This offers the perfect opportunity for brands to attract these users and convert them into paying customers via influencer marketing, original content and/or paid ads.

For more on how to leverage TikTok to grow your business and TikTok marketing tips, click here.

There you have it, the latest and greatest hits from the HubSpot universe. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Emma-Jane Shaw

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