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Nathan Van Zyl

I spend most of my time defending my lunch from seagulls. The rest of my time is spent behind the scenes, figuring out ways to grow our agency and better serve the people we work with.

Recent Posts

Nathan Van Zyl   |   07 Jan 2020

How we used pop-up forms to boost our conversion rate by 12.35%

In June 2019, we launched our new awareness stage inbound marketing campaign, a series of blogs and...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   18 Dec 2019

5 Steps to calculate your customer acquisition cost

There are a couple of really good reasons to calculate your customer acquisition costs (CAC), the...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   20 Nov 2019

7 Ways HubSpot CRM can improve your customer acquisition

In the pursuit of growth and more customers, the single biggest improvement you can make is by...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   05 Nov 2019

Customer Acquisition Cost: Why It’s So Important

Understanding your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is at the heart of growing your business in a...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   03 Oct 2019

How to convert free trial and freemium users into paying customers

If your business offers a free trial or freemium model as part of your user acquisition efforts,...

Nathan Van Zyl   |   18 Jul 2019

Marketing managers guide to HubSpot

Everything we understand about the marketing and sales funnel is changing.