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Dane van Zyl   |   14 Dec 2018   |   Inbound Marketing

5 Tools to improve your SEO

Ah, it’s nearly that time of year again where everyone from your boss to your granny gets to ask what your 2018 new year's resolutions are. Right, so let’s get the easy ones out the way. We’re all going to aim to eat fewer carbs (looking at you Linda), squeeze in some frankly, overly ambitious early morning runs and of course achieve that mystical and elusive ‘work-life balance’ we hear everyone talking about.

But for those of us who worry about things like domain rating and backlinking each day, there’s likely to be another resolution on the list for 2019; improving your on-page SEO.

Luckily, appeasing google and improving your ranking is much easier than giving up those Friday night Pizza evenings, just ask Linda. Thankfully there are tools which help us improve things like page ranks, without all the emotional torture of having to settle for Kale chips as opposed to an extra slice of pepperoni.

Every digital agency has tools they equip themselves with to make their day to day jobs easier. We’re no different. Our favourite SEO tools which include a Screaming Frog and even something called a ‘Moz Bar’, might sound more suited to an adventure through the Amazon but in truth, they make mastering Googles algorithms feel a whole lot easier!

Wondering what we're on about? Here's a glimpse at our favourite tools to improve your SEO:

1. The Screaming Frog

Probably one of the best free SEO tools you’ll ever stumble upon. Broken backlinks, missing meta descriptions, alt text on images or link errors can't hide from the frog. The crawling tool allows you to audit every corner of your website and find any errors before they hurt your SEO rankings.

2. Google Pagespeed Insights

By now it should be no secret that Google has made page speed a massive factor in SEO credibility. Massive images or poorly structured data that slows down your page load speed are easy ways to throw away all that hard SEO work you’ve done elsewhere on the site. Luckily Google’s free page speed insight tool scans your website and provides recommendations for you to improve its speed.

3. The Moz Bar

Ah, we do love a good Chrome extension, and in the world of SEO, there aren’t any better than the Moz bar! It shouldn’t really be a surprise considering how great a Moz subscription can be

4. Copyscape

It’s not just your high school English teacher who hates copied content. Google isn’t much of a fan either! Enter Copyscape. The free to use web tool points out any accidental duplicate content found on your site that’s negatively impacting your SEO.

5. Ahrefs

Stranded on an SEO island and allowed only one tool to survive? AHREFS is the answer. It’s not cheap but worth every penny, analysing keywords, backlinks, page ranks, domain ratings and even anchor text. AHREFS will help your team, define its SEO strategy with perhaps the most accurate set of data available to those of us who don’t work at Google!

What tools do you use to improve your SEO? Think we’ve missed out on your favorite? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know!

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